Friday, September 13, 2013

Our Wedding ~ the set up and some moments that took place before our "big day"

Over the course of the next couple of weeks I plan to tell the story of our low key DIY wedding. This is just the first part in a several part compellation.

With help from our family, friends and a couple of vendors we were able to pull of an amazing wedding that reflected our style.

Let me start by introducing us
Brae and I dated for about four years before we got engaged a little less than a year ago. And we adopted Peanut July 10th last year. She is an American Staffordshire/Doberman cross, stray from Los Angeles, that is the biggest cuddle bug. Together we are finding our way as a new little family.

How it all came together:

Step 1: get your family and close friends agree to help you throw one heck of a party.
Step 2: assign roles, with such a small wedding it felt like a real community affair. We borrowed d├ęcor from my stepsister Ashley, who got married last summer, and made just about everything else.
  • Officiant: Tim, dear friend and triathlon buddy
  • Ceremony Music: Nate, Brae's cousin
  • Ceremony Readings: Annie (dear friend), Jezra (my sister), and Bryan (Brae's brother).
  • Flower Girl and Ring Bearer: Kira and Titus, Brae's niece and nephew
  • Pictures: Jeanne T. and Jolie Margulies. Jeanne is my stepmom and Jolie is her friend she met doing photography. Jolie is an amazing photographer and did a wonderful job with our pictures. Here is a plug for her website:
  • Flowers: Lily (cousin), Jezra (sister), Philleen (mom), and Aunt Jean
  • Many craft projects: Sharon and Bruce (Brae's mom and dad), and Philleen (my mom)
  • Day of Coordinator: Galadriel (my sister)
  • DJ: Tony, brother in-law
  • Master of Ceremonies: George, another dear friend and triathlon buddy with the best most welcoming southern style.
  • Hair and Makeup: Lily Armstrong, my very talented cousin who professionally does wedding hair and makeup. And here is my plug for Lily: I said it was a family and friend affair that came together with lots of help and love.

Step 3: let the good times role...

Here we are signing our marriage license a week or so before the wedding. I was worried about having too many moving parts the day of. Our amazing friends Annie, Tim (officiant), and George (master of ceremonies) met us at Cholada's Thai in Malibu for a casual dinner and to help us sign our official paperwork.
Tim showing his official certificate.

The stationary...
I couldn't sleep Friday morning, so I just got up and took Peanut for a sunrise hike up the trail.
Nothing like five miles round trip and seeing a sunrise to help calm the wedding weekend nerves.

Good Morning Conejo Valley
Then a little Friday set up at the Stagecoach Inn
What the porch looked like before Lily and Jezra added their touches

I always wanted an August summer wedding. And guess what, we got a hot one

Aunt Jean and Riley trying to stay cool on the porch

Hanging the globes in the tree...


And that's it for now...more post to come when I get a few more photos.

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  1. Yes! Please keep posting :) I want to see everything that we missed out on after we had to leave. We are still so sad that we couldn't be there to enjoy the evening celebrating with you guys.