Friday, September 27, 2013

Wedding Flowers

My idea of flowers for the wedding was a couple flowers in a few mason jars and a simple bridal bouquet. I budgeted a mere $250. This budget was made knowing that according to the Wedding Wire the average bridal bouquet will run somewhere between $100 and $250. Also, I've watched a few of the ludicrous wedding shows on TLC as a guilty pleasure. Though, most of the time watching a wedding reality show feels like watching a train wreck, you feel guilty about looking, but can't look away - the disaster is so intriguing. So, I know that most brides will spend at least $1,000 on flowers, or at least that's what the magazines and everyone else will lead you to believe. The Knot even recommends spending about 8% of your wedding budget on flowers. So the $250 was a crazy low ball estimate, but flowers were not a top priority. Lucky for me though, I have some amazingly talented ladies close to me that made the mere $250 look more like $1,500.

For our simple $250 we filled 30 mason jars, 15 boutonnieres, entryway flowers, archway flowers, general décor and of course my amazing bridal bouquet.

 How It All Came Together

 I asked my sister and cousin to swing by the farmers market in the morning. We collected mason jars for a few months, mainly olives and a few marinara. With our concept of a rustic down home wedding I thought this would be well enough. I went to Michaels and had a basket full of ribbon, floral tape, boutonnière pins, and scissors ready to go.

The ladies went to the Calabasas Farmers Market bright and early and bought tons of greenery, flowers that won't wilt and everything sweet, yellow and green.

Link for the Calabasas Farmers Market:

Then in come my flower elves: my mom, Aunt Jean, Cousin Lily and sister Jezra. It is really amazing what they pulled off.

The Lovely Ladies Hard at Work

The assembly happened in the morning in the basement of the Stagecoach Inn where it was cool and air-conditioned with lots of work space.  

Aunt Jean showing one of the finished mason jars for the tables.

Lily and my mom putting their touches on my bouquet.
Annie and I were down for a moment pitching in...

And here is a small snapshot off all they did. Just a small sprinkling, it is hard to capture everything, but here is a taste:
A few of the boutonnieres:



The Table Flowers


The Archway


My Bouquet

The Flowers on Sunday Morning

Lily made a couple massive entry way flowers that I actually didn't see until the next morning. I came in the back way for the ceremony and during the wedding there was so much going on it was hard to take in all the details.

As a thank you, we made sure that the museum docents all received some flowers to take home.

And I even took a couple to enjoy.

You ladies blew it out of the water, and really made the details special, xoxoxo





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